Criminal Defense

Rhys Cartwright-JonesRhys Cartwright-Jones is criminal defense attorney in Youngstown, Ohio, and head of his own practice, Rhys Brendan Cartwright-Jones, Attorney & Counselor of Law.  He is a dedicated and experienced criminal and business defense attorney, whom also has experience as a prosecutor for Mahoning County, thus giving him the advantage of understanding both sides of deliberation in a case.  He better understands the mind of the prosecutors, thus enabling him to build a better defense.

Rhys Cartwright-Jones is dedicated to his field and his clients, specifically, doing everything in his power to have the charges brought against a client dismissed or minimized.  He has experience in State and Federal Court, and deals with criminal allegations such as gun crimes, violent felonies, sex-related crimes, immigration issues, environmental crimes and white-collar crime.  He maintains an acute attention to detail so as not to miss the slightest piece of a case that could mean the difference between a won or lost case.

Whether someone is beginning to be investigated by law forces, has recently been accused of a crime, or is beginning an appeal, Rhys Cartwright-Jones is willing to start working with a client at any point during their legal course of action in order to help them win their case with his masterful criminal defense.  A criminal record can affect countless aspects of one’s life, such as applying for jobs, renting an apartment, or attempting to gain a license of some kind.  Many times a record will prevent one from achieving the aforementioned pursuits.  Rhys Cartwright-Jones has been successful on numerous occasions in having clients’ charges significantly reduced, or expunged, meaning said record is sealed and henceforth, aside from a few reserved circumstances, is considered to have never occurred.