Steps to Becoming a Lawyer

Rhys Cartwright-JonesI have always enjoyed my law career, so when I found this article, I really enjoyed it because I thought it really articulated the steps it takes to become a lawyer and lays a framework for those who want to become lawyers and are trying to create a plan to do so.

It is important to start working hard in high school.  It is necessary that one obtains a high school degree, and plans on going to a four-year college or university following their graduation.  In college, there is not necessarily a particular major that one needs to become a lawyer, so you still have the opportunity to explore your interests.  However, majors or classes in History, English, Political Science, or Business are some areas which may prepare you for the type of work/studying you will be doing when you get to law school, so these may be some classes to explore to see if becoming a lawyer is the choice for you. [Read more…]